A summer full of blossoming refreshments

26 July 2019

It is the perfect way to bring a dash of festivity in everyday moments – like breakfasts on the balcony, late lunches whiling away the sunny days, lively outdoor meals, and ideal for a cooling drink enjoyed out in the sun on an endless summer evening.

We captured the summer atmospheres around our new glassware collection by Serax which is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail and honed down to the essential. The ice sculptures highlight the tactility of the frosted glass, play with the light in a way that showcases its reflective beauty – focusing on the essence of a summer drink: cooling dow

So remember, to invite the people you love to bask in. Build a simple inviting atmosphere and enjoy the togetherness. Rediscover the joy of casual entertaining and bringing your loved ones to share your table for evenings when the hours pass effortlessly, casual conversation flows naturally, cooking is participatory, where children bring friends and the meals ends with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.