flagship store art

Carolien van der Heijden's art showcased at the Piet Boon Flagship Store

At Studio Piet Boon, we seek timeless accessories and art with soul. Art brings life to spaces, reflecting occupants’ personalities and creating uniqueness. We believe in selecting pieces that endure and evoke emotional connections, resulting in harmonious, inspiring environments. Join us on a journey of timeless beauty and soulful narratives.

Carolien van Heijden art

Experience the captivating artistry of Dutch sculptor Carolien van der Heijden at our Piet Boon Living Flagship store. With her masterful craftsmanship, Carolien brings bronze and stone to life, forging profound connections that extend beyond the mere physicality of her sculptures. Immerse yourself in the beauty of her exquisite creations and discover the transformative power of her art at our Living Flagship Store.

Find out more about Carolien’s work on her website.