True to our values, we seek out the ultimate match between our design beliefs and the wishes of our clients. This leads to a unique set of themes that form the creative building blocks of a concept. Keen technical insight, never compromising on quality and perpetually paying attention to outstanding detail, have informed our signature design experiences.


We enjoy the privilege of working with various national and international corporate companies in designing their work places. As we delve into the identity of the company and the wishes of management each Studio Piet Boon corporate design is tailor made. Addressing all the specific requirements that are needed for the ultimate way of working, rethinking office spaces and creating an environment that fits company’s needs and facilitates employees to thrive. A careful balance of functionality and aesthetics with the element of individuality that creates an instant sense of belonging. We call it the Studio Piet Boon experience.

The 21st century has brought a lot of changes to modern society. From the way people consume information and communicate to the diversity of people working together and how these generations prefer to work. This results in a major shift in how companies manage and operate their human capital. Businesses nowadays are looking for innovative ways to improve the happiness of their work force and receive productivity in return. Holding on to highly valued employees is a challenge. By implementing a new way of working flexibility in the workplace is embraced. Today’s workplace is all about having options. Design plays a fundamental role in facilitating these options and create a happy work place. Our work is known and recognizable for how we line spaces, the use of natural light, and choice of materials. All important to create the balance and harmony we aim to achieve in each Studio Piet Boon project. When designing work environments we pay mindful attention to acoustics, lighting and activity-based work settings as these contribute to performance. It is about focus, making the right choices, never compromising on quality and always paying attention to signature details. It is the hallmark of our very distinctly recognizable style and the reason why clients choose Studio Piet Boon.

Hotels & Restaurants

Guests should be able to embark on an effortless journey, an intuitive discovery regardless of the duration of their stay and whatever the destination might be.

Our design conveys great style and feels effortlessly simple. It appeals to a sensibility that transcends specific demographics catering for individual taste and feel rather than nationality or age.

The subtle combination of functionality, aesthetics and individuality create a perfect place to be. We create an atmosphere of quiet confidence, providing an innovative yet intimate atmosphere with the style of comfortable luxury. We create balance in design which offer guests excitement as well as peace of mind. All is there to be effortlessly enjoyed at each guest’s desired pace. Supported by, preferably, local (contemporary) art and design, a subdued color scheme and subtle lighting all senses are subtly stimulated. Guests are guided through the generous spaces and wonderful experiences. An exciting celebration and rewarding journey to embark on.

There is great beauty in simplicity, but it needs careful planning and preparation. The flow and atmosphere of our experiences are created with the utmost care. We have an intuitive antenna to establish a tasteful balance between design, decoration and styling.

We believe simplicity is the purest form of sophistication. Perfectly mirroring needs, delivering unparalleled service and individual attention is what we aim to offer.

Private Residences

In order to deliver the most relevant designs to and exceed expectations of our private clients, we take time to truly get to know them. Their way of life is our compass. We keep track of major global consumer trends and design visions in order to deliver the best and steer the client’s needs. Together we create impactful and outstanding solutions.

We feel the obligation and drive to ensure we design and help build a home that is timeless in its style; has durable solutions like for example natural cooling and is constructed with materials that only become more beautiful as time passes. But not only bricks and mortar are in demand, ‘investments of passion’ like art, personal artifacts, wine and classic cars attract more and more interest. Understanding the tangible and emotional value a home has for our clients allows us to take key decisions on how a space functions in its surroundings, in the context of its use and ? the flow, or routing. We believe in incorporating possessions that have strong emotional value to our customers into our interior and styling concept, adding a level of emotional depth to a space. In the end, we don’t design for ourselves, but look to create design that delivers pure excitement for our customers. And there is no one size fits all approach that can deliver this.

Real Estate Development

Our background in construction allows us to speak the language of realization as well as the language of design. We design projects to last, creating real estate that elegantly stands the test of time and increases in value. Never failing to inspire. This is why clients choose to work with Studio Piet Boon.

Using brands as means of identification has become increasingly important in development. Not only does it add a level of quality to a project, it creates trust, adds worth and provides homeowners the opportunity to associate themselves with a luxury lifestyle of the selected designer. It simply adds value. Affluent clients nowadays are accustomed to a high level of service and standards whereever they go, they insist on indulging in the same pampering experience when it comes to their home or other residences. Apart from location and size, design and the range of amenities play a significant role in creating that extraordinary residential experience.


Studio Piet Boon has managed to build a global proven track record in branded residential development. Successful in Europe, Asia, Americas and the Middle East , we offer a blend of unique exterior and interior design and brand marketing. Adding substantial value to a residential property, creating a competitive advantage and sales velocity. It is in our philosophy and roots to design distinguishing interiors. Projects that are different, compete at the highest level and boast an unique identity that clients can identify with.

Interested in a tailor made design?