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TWO hardware by Formani
Effortless chique

While the TWO series by Piet Boon exudes simplicity, it is, in fact, one of the most elaborate products in the Formani collection. The assembly of these fitting is completed with essential handwork that sees every piece of wood milled independently and fitted together with the stainless parts like the pieces of an intricate puzzle.
TWO door handle and lock by Formani
TWO door handle and lock by Formani

“At Studio Piet Boon we believe that there is great beauty in simplicity. The simplest details leave a lasting impression. Therefore never underestimate the importance of door fittings.”

- Piet Boon

TWO door handle by Formani
TWO door handle by Formani

TWO by Piet Boon unveils itself in three different expressions. First there is the combination of stainless steel with natural oak; then there is the line made from stainless steel and black oak; and third is the 100% stainless steel line. All three finishes are found throughout the building where open spaces with white and black doors animate endless combinations.

TWO door handle and lock by Formani

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