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Totaal Concept

Totaal concept

Our bespoke Studio Piet Boon total concept approach seamlessly blends exterior, interior, onsite styling and product design skills with each project’s context, culture and environment, exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding quality on a global scale. Our proposal is unique as we offer full service interior design and exterior design with a focus on delivering perfect harmony. We guide our clients through the entire design process starting from the preliminary design vision to the schematic sketches and from the fixed furniture and lighting, styling to the non-fixed furniture, upholstery as well as on site execution. Reinforcing our unique creative signature our exterior and interior designs follow our design philosophy of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality. By doing this we are able to create working and living environments that feel comfortable and effortless. Deeply understanding our clients’ lifestyle, values and environment, enables us to breathe life into each bespoke design, shaping its unique identity. Adding a level of emotional depth with personal possessions, a sense of belonging that enhances personal relevance and value.

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Led by Piet Boon and Chief Design Officer Roland Kokkeler,  the studio division is renowned for its remarkable talent of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality, delivering timeless and standard setting designs with incredible attention to detail. In creating a true total concept design the studio division works closely with the interior and styling division.

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Styling Karin's huis

Interieur & Styling

Led by Creative Director Interior & Styling Karin Meyn, the interior and styling division creates a meticulous balance between customized interiors, non-fitted interior design and furnishings whilst setting the mood with an intuitive sense of composition and in-depth knowledge of materials and art, breathing life into any interior and creating an ambiance that perfectly reflects the identity of the client.

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FINN cabinet

Meubel collectie

The Piet Boon designer furniture (2005) was designed to capture the essence of the Studio Piet Boon identity. Each high quality piece passionately crafted with rich natural materials, attention to detail and refined taste, bearing both aesthetics and intensive use in mind. The exclusive line for Dining, Living and Outdoor is known for its innovative design, sophisticated and timeless appeal, generous proportions, functional use and extraordinary comfort. Setting new industry standards with every new collection.

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Keuken collectie

Kitchen’s and kitchen spaces hold a special place in the heart of Studio Piet Boon, as they play a fundamental role in designing the interior of any bespoke home or project. The new Piet Boon Kitchen line (2015) embodies the studio’s vision of next level kitchen design. Unique shapes, proportions, color- and material combinations and production techniques define a new style of kitchen life, always tailored to taste. Catering to different design savvy audiences the contemporary kitchen line boasts six different concepts, offering endless customization possibilities.

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