Garden Retreat by Bronkhorst

Design for the outdoors

Experience the outdoors from the comfort of timeless design. Every day, all year round. Studio Piet Boon is partnering with Bronkhorst to offer a fully finished, top quality garden retreat. This design is a meticulously crafted combination of interior and exterior with that timeless, unifying Piet Boon signature.

From light fixtures, faucets, and high-performance sofa fabrics to furniture handles and floor tiles, every individual element from the range of Piet Boon collections coalesces here into a cohesive whole. Two color palettes have been crafted to highlight the serene design. All with a single purpose: creating a perfectly balanced outdoor experience that offers the ultimate in relaxation.


Designed for balanced living

The colors and materials in the Piet Boon by Bronkhorst garden retreat are perfectly aligned with the Studio Piet Boon design philosophy, which centers around creating a complete, balanced design. Wood is the foundational material here, paired with zinc, basalt, and concrete. Every material is of the highest quality, made to stand the test of time and help the design blend seamlessly into the natural landscape.

Artwork garden retreat
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Small garden retreat

Experience the outdoors

Discover an outdoor space that feels like an extension of the garden. The garden retreat is available in two sizes: Medium and Extra Large. Each design can be aligned with the user’s individual needs.

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Piet Boon by Bronkhorst

The Piet Boon by Bronkhorst garden retreat has been designed as part of a collaboration with outdoor specialist Bronkhorst. Their market experience and industry knowledge make Bronkhorst the perfect partner for launching and creating this innovative design with high-end detailing.

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Garden retreat

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Planted roof

A green roof is a sustainable roof. Sedum is a member of the succulent family and a popular choice for planted roofs. It gives the exterior a natural, verdant feel.

Sliding glass wall

The sliding glass wall provides instant access to the garden, in both summer and winter. With the fire burning and the front wall closed, it’s still comfortably warm inside, even on chilly days.


The garden retreat is available in light and dark colorways.


Medium Garden Retreat

Length 5.5 m

Width 5.5 m

Height 3.0 m

Extra Large Garden Retreat

Length 9.0 m

Width 5.5 m

Height 3.0 m

Large garden retreat

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