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The collaboration between Studio Piet Boon and Serax reflects a shared passion for attention to detail and demonstrates our dedication to delivering perfection. The collaborative aromatic products enrich moments spent in each living space. Piet Boon by Serax is the result of design combined with function. The collection consists of a diverse range of high-quality products and accessories, such as scented candles and diffusers. The four different makes of glass diffusers are inspired by, and named after, different moments of the day: 07:00AM, 10:00AM, 06:00PM and 11:00PM. The design studio selected white and three subdued variants of the colors green, blue and brown, each of which evokes a specific moment of the day and accompanies each interior.

07:00 AM is an uncomplicated fragrance which gives a fresh start to the day, with tones of fresh bed linen, velvety soft sheets and crisp cotton. 10:00 AM contains all the ingredients for optimal productivity. This unique, pure fragrance – pure nature – gives you the energy of fresh outdoor air. Relax and restock your mental energy. 06:00 PM is characterized by the setting sun and twilight. It radiates a feeling of success, with its energetic and powerful scent. It is a celebration of confidence. 11:00 PM is a mysterious and ripe scent that suits the time when the sun disappears over the horizon. This scent evokes moments of tranquility and nocturnal seduction. The scents vary in character and intensity, perfectly matching any mood. Close your eyes and enjoy the world of Studio Piet Boon.

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About Serax