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Kitchens and kitchen spaces hold a special place in our heart, as they play a fundamental role in designing the interior of any bespoke home or project. The Piet Boon kitchen line embodies our vision of next level kitchen design.


Unique shapes, proportions, color- and material combinations and production techniques define a new style of kitchen life, always tailored to taste. Catering to different design savvy audiences the contemporary kitchen line boasts different concepts, offering endless customization possibilities.

SAAR kitchen stools


The Piet Boon designer furniture collection offers a wide array of options for seating. In addition to sofas, chairs, long chairs and armchairs, Piet Boon boasts various stools. This versatile addition to any living space comes in different styles and allows for numerous mix and match possibilities.

Tap by Cocoon


Add a sense of luxury and industrial chique to a bathroom sink. Available in various finishes and inspired by the simplicity and symmetry of geometric shapes, Piet Boon by Cocoon taps complete the perfect contemporary bathroom experience.

Bathware One by Formani


Form follows function when it comes to the Piet Boon by Formani designer bathware collection. In line with our design philosophy, Piet Boon by Formani bathware balances functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

RAAF table with SAAR chairs


Tables should always be functional. We like them big, with generous proportions so you can gather around with a large group. Or what about work on one side and dine on the other? Rules are fading, our individual lifestyle demands flexibility and versatility.

YKE table with KEKKE chairs


Complimenting any table, Piet Boon designer chairs are the embodiment of the studio’s philosophy of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Enjoy the perfectly proportioned chairs crafted with the best natural materials and exquisite detailing in the comfort of any interior space. Piet Boon designer chairs come in different styles and allow for numerous mix and match possibilities.

Hot Kroon by Maretti


Lighting should play a fundamental role in any interior design. The most beautiful design can be enhanced with good lighting. At Studio Piet Boon we think of lighting and light at the start of any creation. When we design a building we pay mindful attention to the natural light and incorporate artificial in order to create the perfect atmosphere.

SERAX base at The Jane


Sleek, elegant and functional tableware is an essential in any interior design or design kitchen. Beautiful dishes served with attention and eye for details are tastier, that’s how design works.

KEKKE mirrors and KYO console


The right accessories can lift a space to a whole other level. When chosen correctly they can bring an interior design to life and infuse it with character.

Hardware Two by Formani


At Studio Piet Boon we believe that there is great beauty in simplicity. The simplest details leave a lasting impression. Therefore never underestimate the importance of designer hardware and door fittings.

Bod’or door with hardware Two by Formani


Each Piet Boon by Bod’or door resonates with the synergy of an interior design space and allows for the perfect entrance, making the ordinary extraordinary.

Shutters by Zonnelux

Window treatments

Providing beautiful natural light, ventilation, protection and privacy, window treatments are as much functional as they are a contemporary stylish addition to any home interior design.

Wall coverings

Wall coverings

Be it wallpaper or tiles, wallcoverings allow for endless visual and textural possibilities within any interior design. We like to combine extraordinary design with enticing tactile qualities and various subdued shades. From concrete to washi and from giant to tiny, our wallcoverings transform any space into a luxury designer experience.

Tiles & stones by Douglas & Jones


Walls, ceiling and floors form the base of any good design that’s why we pay do much attention to the basics. Natural material in robust yet sophisticated finishes is what makes your interior design stand out and creates individuality.

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