Our Team

Studio Piet Boon wouldn’t be where it is today without our incredible multidisciplinary designers and professionals. We are proud of what we do, simply because there is nothing more rewarding than a happy client as a result of a project we delivered as a team.
Dieke Agricola
Dieke Agricola Senior Project Manager
Maria Alarcon
Maria Alarcon Senior Designer
Martina Bianchi
Martina Bianchi Lead Stylist / Senior Concept Developer
Piet Boon
Piet Boon Founder / Owner
Puck Boon
Puck Boon Communication Coordinator
Desirée Both
Desirée Both Designer
Marius Brandsma
Marius Brandsma Sales Manager Piet Boon Bathroom
Olivier Brinckman
Olivier Brinckman Architect / Lead Designer
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Natalia Bura
Natalia Bura Designer
Margot Camps
Margot Camps Sales Piet Boon Kitchen
Sidney Cenin
Sidney Cenin Business Consultant
Nancy de Bruin
Nancy de Bruin Canteen Clerk
Anne de Jongh
Anne de Jongh Senior Product Designer
Lonneke de Waard
Lonneke de Waard Designer
Janneke Derks
Janneke Derks Senior Designer
Sharon Duis
Sharon Duis Stylist
Caroline Durand
Caroline Durand Senior Designer
Rob Eijkelenkamp
Rob Eijkelenkamp Chief Executive Officer
Britt Glas
Britt Glas Licensing Manager
Marina Gortan
Marina Gortan Designer
Renée Habib
Renée Habib Senior Designer
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Daan Hermelink
Daan Hermelink Senior Project Manager
Rosemarie Hup
Rosemarie Hup Communications & PR Manager
Edwin Joore
Edwin Joore Project Manager
Merredith Jozefzoon
Merredith Jozefzoon Finance Administrator
Shannon Karregat
Shannon Karregat Partner Product Coordinator
Simone Keijzer
Simone Keijzer Showroom Representative
Jana Kleine-Kalmer
Jana Kleine-Kalmer Senior Designer
Roland Kokkeler
Roland Kokkeler Chief Design Officer
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Dick Koppert
Dick Koppert Lead Designer
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Theo Korf
Theo Korf Art Director
Germonde Kromhout van der Meer
Germonde Kromhout van der Meer Lead Designer
Marie Lamy
Marie Lamy Designer
Vera Lijmberg
Vera Lijmberg Finance Administrator / Personal Assistant
Ruud Mauer
Ruud Mauer Client Director
Karin Meyn
Karin Meyn Creative Director Interior & Styling / Owner
Blanche Nieuwkerk
Blanche Nieuwkerk Senior Designer
Ellen O’Neill
Ellen O’Neill Creative Desktop Publisher / Webmaster
Nicky Onrust
Nicky Onrust Licensing Manager
Kim Peeters
Kim Peeters Architect / Lead Designer
Esmee Peterse
Esmee Peterse Senior Concept Developer
Paulien Pilkes
Paulien Pilkes Senior Designer
Christine Rijnhout
Christine Rijnhout Client Director
Marcela Salavert
Marcela Salavert Designer
Andrea Sanson
Andrea Sanson Senior Product Designer
Frits Schram
Frits Schram Sales Manager Piet Boon Kitchens
Erik Stange
Erik Stange Senior Designer
Lonneke Stiekema
Lonneke Stiekema Client Services Specialist
Tamara Swerink
Tamara Swerink Executive Personal Assistant
Irene Valbusa
Irene Valbusa Senior Designer
Helga van den Berg
Helga van den Berg Showroom Representative
Querijn van den Broeke
Querijn van den Broeke Client Director
Margot van den Honert
Margot van den Honert Senior Project Manager
Amy van der Weiden
Amy van der Weiden Sales Coordinator
Jesseca van Haneghem
Jesseca van Haneghem Project & Material Coordinator
Sandra van Trappen
Sandra van Trappen Finance Manager / HR Manager
Merijn Verduyn
Merijn Verduyn Senior Designer
Tim Vogel
Tim Vogel Studio Manager
Farida Wijngaarde
Farida Wijngaarde Client Director
Gerben Zuidema
Gerben Zuidema Concierge
Huei-Jiuan Wang
Huei-Jiuan Wang Senior Designer