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In 1952, Herman Wehkamp created the very first Dutch mail-order for mattresses. Not only did he advertise in women’s magazines and through radio, but he offered his mattresses, “with free pillows”. Today, Wehkamp continues to be the leading online retailer in the Netherlands, catering to Dutch households with mainly fashion and household goods. Wehkamp.nl has more than 175 million visitors per year, with +30% of households in the Netherlands shopping at wehkamp and over 8 million shipments per year. Its ecommerce distribution center in Zwolle is the largest automated distribution center in the world, parcels are ready to send within 30 minutes after the order has been placed.

Bedding by Wehkamp
Bedding by Wehkamp

Wehkamp is also one of the largest senders of parcels throughout the Netherlands. Its success is solely due to its passionate people, who are dedicated to creating the world's best ecommerce experience for their customers. Now with over 900 employees located in and near Zwolle, it faces new challenges every day as it continues to innovate, evolve and grow. The company’s commitment to its employees is: if you grow, Wehkamp grows and if Wehkamp grows, you grow.

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