Mediterranean Garden Villa

Studio Piet Boon was invited to design the architecture and interior of a 735 square meter villa in Andalusia, Spain. The design for this family home was inspired by the local building style, combined with the Studio Piet Boon signature. We used building materials from the region, such as the characteristic roof tiles, stucco, cement-finished stairs, and exposed beams for the porch, also visible in the interior. We chose a subdued color palette, creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere. The result is a warm and welcoming retreat where the family can gather, work, celebrate, or just relax.

Mediterranean Garden Villa
Mediterranean Garden Villa

Throughout the home, local, naturally weathered wood was chosen for all the fixed furniture and doors. Along with rough stucco, this gives the home a recognizably casual and traditional Spanish feel. At the front, the home shows a closed character with smaller windows, reminiscent of a castle. Together with the elevated location, the house offers the residents both privacy and security. In the Mediterranean garden, designed by Studio Redd, the differences in elevation are enhanced by a natural and sloping design. The garden has a relaxed atmosphere in which the architecture blends in naturally, and daily life is connected with nature.

Mediterranean Garden Villa

The villa is designed as a harmonious whole of distinct rooms, which are arranged according to function. The main entrance is a gate made of robust and authentic doors, creating an impressive welcome. At the rear of the house, the outdoor spaces are incorporated into the house in their entirety, and the whole compound feels like an intimate Andalusian village. The striking and long sightlines create spaciousness and connection, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The rustic natural stone floors, laid in Roman bond, feature the same finish inside and out. This creates an ultimate feeling of outdoor living.

The kitchen and living room, with accompanying terraces with sea views, are located on the second floor and are separated from the master bedroom and bathroom by the entrance to the building. The Piet Boon Brutal Kitchen is used as a live-in kitchen, and with its generous dining table and fireplace, is the heart of the home. The adjacent pergola offers direct views of the pool deck, located on a split level. Here, a refreshing swim and the view may be enjoyed. An enclosed terrace, on the second floor, offers the ultimate experience of beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

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Mediterranean Garden

Guest quarters are located on the first floor, surrounding an enclosed patio.  The spaces embrace natural materials and simple geometries, a symbiosis between interior architecture and the art of simple living. The use of regional tiles and smaller stones creates an idyllic little square, a clear reference to local heritage. Through the use of French doors, the gym is also connected to the courtyard.

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