KEK side table

KEK side table
Simple meets functional

The beautiful designer KEK side table is characterized by its sober and functional shape. Available in steel, marble and walnut, the luxurious top of the sidetable enriches the overall simplistic KEK design.
KEK side table, BO sofa, HERO side table and Maretti tribe at IMM Cologne 2017
KEK side table, DIEKE sofa and TOOS coffee table at canal house

The aim of the KEK design was to develop a side table with the perfect measurements and maximum functionality. Both the KEK side- and coffee table are a perfect addition to any interior living space.

KEK side table
KEK side table and FEDDE sofa
KEK side table at canal house
KEK side table
KEK side table and FEDDE sofa



  • Oak grey (GR)
  • Oak taupe (TP)
  • Oak black (BL)
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Anthracite
  • White
  • Oak white (WH)
  • Oak dark brown (WE)
  • Oak grey brown (GB)
  • Oak natural (BG)
  • Oak opaque white (OW)
  • Marble black
  • Marble white
  • Marble dark brown
  • Marble gricio grey
  • Marble moca grey
  • Marble dark green
  • Marble antique green
  • Oak metallic grey (MG)
  • Oak light grey (LG)
  • Marble Beige
  • Black


Tabletop of oak veneer or marble.

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