KAI side table

KAI side table
Basic geometric shapes

Following the KOBE design aesthetics, the studio also introduces a new wooden sidetable: KAI. Conveying the same brutalism design inspiration though smaller in size, the KAI sidetable arose from playing with basic geometric shapes.
KAI side table
KAI side table

Available in a cylindrical- and a cube shape, the KAI demonstrates that modest dimensions can leave lasting impressions. The KAI is available in four different color combinations.

KAI side table
KAI side table



  • Oak taupe (TP)
  • Oak black (BL)
  • Oak metallic grey (MG)
  • Black (RAL 9004)
  • Oak Dust Grey (DG)
  • Metallic Grey (Ral 7022)
  • Dust Grey (RAL 7044)
  • Taupe (Sikkens E8.12.31)

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