By sharing our thoughts and forecasts, we aim to give people insight in our design philosophy.

Indoor Outdoor Decoration

At Studio Piet Boon we are constantly looking for new ways to turn ordinary settings into extraordinary experiences. At this year’s Salone del Mobile we demonstrated a new interpretation of the use of textured pots, in both indoor and outdoor spaces, treating them as sculptural pieces set upon massive consoles. The combination of the handmade consoles in tonal hues together with and the contemporary pots allowed us to create a balanced experience infused with apparent contrasts and layering, suitable for both in- and outdoor spaces.

close up

Holiday season styling

At Studio Piet Boon we always aim to make the ordinary extraordinary. The dining table being no exception, especially when it comes to the holiday season. Whether a gathering with family and friends or a festive celebration, there is always an excuse to decorate the dining table. Where decorating a table comes natural to some, it can also be a challenge for others. To inspire you and help you get started for the holiday season, our styling team created two different colored dining settings that convey the holiday spirit in a contemporary, simple and serene way. As strong admirers of the wabi-sabi philosophy we drew inspiration from the quiet and pure aesthetic found in the Japanese culture for our holiday table decorations. Perfect imperfection. Our aim for the settings was to create a warm and inviting holiday atmosphere, but without the traditional Christmas features.

Elevated Art

Elevated Art

Art plays a vital role in our interior design projects, but why? Art is individual, art is surprising, art is emotion. Recently Studio Piet Boon partnered with Lionel Gallery in the creation of a museum dedicated to Warhol and Banksy, the MOCO.

Land Rover by Piet Boon

Piet Boon for Land Rover

Ever since the first Land Rover vehicle was conceived in 1947, Land Rover has built vehicles that challenge what is possible. These in turn have challenged their owners to explore new territories and conquer difficult terrains. The vehicles epitomise the values of the designers and engineers who have created them. Each one instilled with iconic British design cues, delivering capability with composure. Which is how they continue to break new ground, defy conventions and encourage each other to go further. Land Rover truly enables you to make more of your world, to go above and beyond.

Piet Boon for Long Island

Piet Boon for Long Island

Long Island Shipyards designs and develops classic boats, with an exclusive range of ultra-modern speed cruisers reminiscent of the Italian Riva. The company has redefined the concept of the speed cruiser through traditional craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-art techniques and high-tech construction methods.

Piet Boon by Porsche, Alex edition

Piet Boon for Porsche

Mention ‘Porsche 911 Targa’ and for a lot of Dutch people the beloved and feared Dutch state police Porsche will come to mind. With this association in mind Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur decided to build the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Alex Edition. The Alex is a tribute to the most striking car known to the Dutch police and the result of a special collaboration between the Dutch Porsche importer and Studio Piet Boon. Building a bridge between the past and the present, the subtle detailing of the contemporary Alex refers to the impressive surveillance car that once commanded respect for more than three decades.

Miffy 60 year anniversary

Miffy Art Parade

The title of the Studio Piet Boon Miffy statue is Butterflies. To know Miffy is to love Miffy. Dick Bruna’s simplicity, use of colour and timeless design are consistent with our own approach to design. The Studio Piet Boon Miffy is covered from top to toe with handmade butterflies of all sizes in various shades of blue and white. The butterflies are symbolic of Miffy’s transformation and add depth and texture to her iconic shape.

Blisfull indulgence

Blissful indulgence

Having shifted from being merely a functional room, the bathroom has become to be more of a haven of tranquility over the years. A space to unwind and relax while escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life whilst treating yourself to that luxury feeling of a hotel spa.

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum

Specially for the Jacob van Oostsanen exhibition held by the renowned Amsterdam Museum Studio Piet Boon was asked to design an exclusive designer outdoor bench.

Festive dining

Festive Dining

Our studio always creates a meticulous balance between customized interiors, non-fitted interior design and furnishings whilst setting the mood with an intuitive sense of composition and in-depth knowledge of materials and art, breathing life into any interior and creating an exquisite ambiance. Whether a gathering with family and friends or a festive celebration, there is always an excuse to decorate the dining table.


SIGNATURE kitchen inspiration

Piet Boon kitchen's are tailored to taste so that they seamlessly fit in any kitchen space. Inspired by our first Studio Piet Boon kitchen designed twenty years ago, the Signature concept has proved to be a versatile and timeless kitchen.


MONO kitchen inspiration

Piet Boon designer kitchen's are tailored to taste so that they seamlessly fit in any kitchen interior. The MONO is a great example of how our kitchens adapt to personal wishes. Designed as an opulent kitchen accessory the MONO has since its creation also enjoyed an upgrade to kitchen countertop in combination with wooden doors and a working sink.


LANDSCAPE kitchen inspiration

Unique shapes, proportions, color- and material combinations and production techniques define a new style of kitchen life, always tailored to taste. Our LANDSCAPE design kitchen is the ultimate fit between function and form. This concept has proved itself to be suitable for all kinds of kitchen spaces.


MINIMAL kitchen inspiration

The MINIMAL designer kitchen concept is a true statement piece addition to any minimalistic luxury interior. Be inspired by the entirely tailored to taste MINIMAL kitchen at the home of one of our clients.

Piet Boon by COCOON

White bathroom inspiration

The bathroom is the ultimate place of relaxation. It is so much more than a shower and bathtub, it is where inspiration strikes.

Piet Boon bathroom inspiration

Piet Boon black bathroom inspiration

Make a strong statement with the Piet Boon design bathware collection in black and turn any bathroom experience into bold luxury.