News about Studio Piet Boon

A selection of some of our latest accomplishments and a few stories that we hope you will enjoy reading.

The ultimate Piet Boon bathroom: a timeless sanctuary

In all of our designs we put tremendous emphasis on exceptional quality, functionality and expressive shapes combined in a timeless equilibrium, this has been implemented in every detail in our bathroom designs. More and more the bathroom is becoming a unique space to live an experience, spend seldom quality time and enjoy a peaceful moment of calm and contemplation - a perfectly equipped place, closed off from hectic contemporary daily life, to be and to stay.

Office Brabant – 2020 Architizer A+Awards Jury Winner

We are truly delighted and honored to share with you that Studio Piet Boon has been chosen as the 2020 Architizer A+Awards Jury Winner in the Office - Low Rise (1-4 Floors) category.

The Tactility of the Salvatori Products

For centuries stone, particularly marble, has only been used architecturally with a smooth, highly polished surface, and has come to be seen as ostentatious and antiquated as a result. Yet in addition to the unique qualities of natural stone – its remarkable strength, its malleability, the unique variation of each block – the surface provides a great opportunity for design, for it to be worked, to be expressive in itself, while retaining the beauty inherent in each piece of stone.

Piet Boon and Formani celebrate 10 years of partnership with new two collections

The foundations of the solid partnership between Studio Piet Boon and FORMANI were laid down ten years ago, and it is with great pride that we reflect on a successful decade that has seen the ONE door hardware series evolve into a true icon. A mutual passion for quality and design forms the basis of our successful partnership. Capitalizing on this momentum, the existing ONE and TWO series now include two new and innovative, yet refreshingly simple, hardware designs: INC and ARC.

Create your ultimate outdoor area with the Piet Boon Outdoor Collection

If there’s one thing we love, it’s spending time outdoors. Imagine an outdoor living space as beautiful, compelling and comfortable as your home. Among the pleasures and challenges of decorating an outdoor space are choosing quality outdoor furniture, selecting plants, and adjusting the proportions of the area to perfection.