DISC outdoor patio heater by Heatsail

DISC outdoor patio heater by Heatsail
Extending the days

This unique heater increases the comfort of outdoor living and extends the outdoor season. The desire to spend more time outdoors throughout all seasons, requires products that can offer this comfort. With this object, the days are extended, and the design offers, in addition to functionality, beauty that blends harmoniously into its surroundings. The technical core of Heatsail is the lamp with an integrated heating system, a timeless lighting with heating for your garden or terrace. In addition to the distinctive outdoor collection of Piet Boon, this design also shows a timeless and creative collaboration. The craftsmanship and technological knowledge of Heatsail effortlessly combines with the design of Studio Piet Boon. By playing with proportions, looking at specific aesthetic dimensions and shapes, the design has been given its very own Piet Boon handwriting.


Rust-free & weatherproof, due to the use of aluminum and stainless steel. Low energy usage, no gas needed, zero CO2 emission. Low maintenance due to the use of use ceramic heating. Reach up to 5 meters.

DISC outdoor patio heater by Heatsail
DISC patio heater by Heatsail

About Heatsail



  • Dust
  • Pebble
  • Mud
  • Coal


Combination of stainless steel and aluminium.

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