BO chair

BO armchair & loveseat
Refined simplicity

The BO armchair and loveseat are is a variation of the BO sofa and a unique member of the Piet Boon Collection design furniture family. Created to adapt to any social setting, the generously proportioned BO designer armchair and loveseat are rich in comfort. Its rounded shape and organic interplay of lines give the BO its amiable character.
BO loveseat
BO loveseat
BO loveseat



  • Fabric cat. P, Piet Boon fabric indoor
  • Leather cat. D, Piet Boon leather
  • Leather cat. S, Piet Boon leather


Wooden frame with elastic webbing, covered with different densities of high resilience foam. On top a layer of memory foam and polyester fibers. Fabric covers are removable, leather covers are fixed.

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