Exclusive resort Hof van Saksen

Exclusive Resort Hof van Saksen

Situated in the Dutch province of Drenthe lies Hof van Saksen, an exclusive vacation resort. Tasked in 2007 with the interior design of the resorts main “Havezate” building and amenities, our aim was to create a timeless barefoot chic experience and at the same time emphasize a luxury feeling of a design home away from home.
Exclusive resort Hof van Saksen with SAAR dining chair

Inspired by the resorts exquisite natural surroundings and the region’s culture, our interior design concept for both the Havezate building as well as the five restaurants, spa and swimming pool area focused on optimizing the sense of spaciousness and enriching the regions characteristic architecture with Piet Boon designer furniture, thoughtful detailing and well-thought outdoor spaces that together form a balanced whole. Adding to this balanced look and feel, we opted to use quiet hues of white and grey as well as natural materials that could withstand the amount of guests at the Hof van Saksen and become more beautiful with every use.

Hof van Saksen

“It was a privilege to be part of a new landmark in the Dutch province of Drenthe.”

Roland Kokkeler

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