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Styling team with Karin Meyn

How We Work

Being a multidisciplinary design studio gives us the unique advantage of being able to take on any or every aspect that an aesthetic design may entail. Varying from exterior to interior, the lay-out of a home, fitted and non-fitted furniture, finishings and lighting schemes to on-site styling. Be it a new-build project, a refurbishment or renovation. Naturally all design aspects can be carried out as a self-contained assignment in consultation with the client. 

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Sketching the foundation

The Foundation

We consider every design to bespoke and unique. Understanding our clients, their wishes, requirements and lifestyle forms the foundation to the success of any project. Each design process starts with an extensive client intake, taking all important aspects such as family composition, the way they spend their time and personal taste into consideration for a personalized design. This allows us to seamlessly blend our characteristic signature with the personality of our client.

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Sketch Design

In following of the formulated briefing, design sketches are made- and color and materiallist for the exterior of the home are fomulated. Because feel exterior and interior are inseparable, we also touch upon the interior by desiging the interior floorplan of the home depending on the agreed assignment. In aiming to connect every aspect of our design with each other, we also provide suggestions for the entire interior design for the home in the initial phase. These suggestions include ideas for fixed- as well as non-fixed furniture, choice of materials and finishings.

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Fixed furniture design sketches

Interior Design

After completion and approval of the final floorplan and exterior design presented in the first stage, a fixed furniture design is worked out in an interior elevation. Contributing to the overall picture, moods, color- and material finishings will also be incorporated at this stage. Because we believe that how one experiences an interior is greatly influenced by a proper lighting scheme, we also provide lighting advice; a floorplan containing all lighting positions and lighting fixture selections excluding non-fitted fixtures. This serves as a basis for elaborations by a professional lighting advisor. 

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Lighting scheme


After having determined the interior and exterior design, fixed furniture and lighting scheme, attention is paid to the further interpretation of the non-fixed furniture, upholstery and any on-site styling. This phase allows us to realize a total concept design and enables the highest level of personalization. The complete proposal containing non-fixed furniture, lighting fixtures, upholstery are part of the separate non-fixed furniture finishing proposal and is specified in a list of finishings, enabling necessary orders to be made. 

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Adding a sense of individuality


Catering to every need we also provide on-site styling possibilities in which we place all non-fitted items in accordance to our design and create a plan that complements the total concept design with necessary additional accessories and a possible art collection according to the given budget. Deeply understanding our clients’ lifestyle, values and environment, enables us to breathe life into each bespoke design, shaping its unique identity. Adding a level of emotional depth with personal possessions, a sense of belonging that enhances personal relevance and value.