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Styling by Karin Meyn

About Studio Piet Boon

Studio Piet Boon is an internationally renowned design studio, recognized for its multi-disciplinary design services and it’s remarkable talent of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality into one of a kind design experiences. Shifting boundaries and setting new standards.

Headquarters in Oostzaan

Who We Are

The studio’s heritage lies in Amsterdam and the nearby Zaanstreek, a region well known for its typical innovative spirit and ‘getting the job done’ mentality as well as being the 'motor' behind the success of the epic Dutch Golden Age. It was in the Zaanstreek where painters, woodworkers, carpenters, masons and other master craftsmen turned smart entrepreneurs and tastemakers as early as the 15th century. Building on this grounded mentality and creative expertise Studio Piet Boon was established by Dutch designer and Zaanstreek local Piet Boon (1958) in 1983.

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Asia Residential Resort with ANNE table and NIEK armchair

What We Do

What is unique about Studio Piet Boon is that we offer full service interior and exterior design with a focus on delivering perfect harmony. We guide you from the preliminary design vision of all aspects of the spaces to the schematic sketches, the fixed furniture and lighting, styling, the non-fixed furniture, upholstery and on site execution. The exterior and interior designs combine functionality, aesthetics and individuality, reinforcing the unique balanced signature of Studio Piet Boon.

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Styling team with Karin Meyn

How We Work

As an multidisciplinary total design studio gives we have the unique advantage of being able to take on any or every aspect that a design may entail. Varying from exterior to interior, finishing’s and lighting schemes to on-site styling. Be it a new-build project, a refurbishment, an existing building or solely interior design.

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Metropolitan Penthouse New York City

Our Vision

Our design values have been shaped since 1983. Firmly rooted, constantly challenging and always evolving. These values shape our every design vision and decision. Forming the solid methodology we start every creative process with his foundation ensuring consistency in whatever project and design we take on.

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